VR Escape Games

Best of both worlds

Can’t choose between Virtual Realty or classic Escape Room? Best of Both Worlds allows you experience the immersion of our free-roam VR arena, and over 5 virtual worlds in our VR stations. So bring your family, friends, enemies, and get ready to experience the ultimate adventure – where your dreams become reality!

VR Escapism will bring you into an adventure you have never experienced before. This is where a new entertainment era begins. Virtual Reality allows you to experience things and enter a new world that you have never seen, the unbounded prospect and imagination awaits for you! Our mission is to bring people together and create an unforgettable memories that extend beyond virtual dimensions.

Wireless Exploration

No more wire, no more cable! Move and dance around as you would in real life! Your physical movements are all captured by our wireless sensor! Players wear special equipment allowing physical exploration of virtual environments.

Teamwork Exploration

Experience the environmental of VR and Escape Room, and enjoy the player interactions with your colleagues, family and friends! Work together to discover the other side of the world!

Hospital Of Horror

Age: 16+
You and your friends wake up and find yourself inside a mysterious house! Is this a hospital or mortuary? It looks abandoned but wait…...


Age: 8+
You and other astronauts are in the outer space to fight against the extraterrestrial life machine! Can you defeat...