VR Escapism is one of the first escape company that combines Virtual Reality with Escape Room in North America! Not only that, you will be able to play virtual reality in group with friends! The “Real Life Escape Room Games” and “Virtual Reality Adventure Games” are awesome group activities. We also have massive selection of board games, food and drinks in house! Come experience this unique adventure like no other, you will be impress with our technology and the amount of fun from our themes!
Your safety is our top priority! Our staffs oversee the players over the monitor and the VR headset has a mic to connect to the system at the front desk. You may stop the game anytime by saying “I would like to stop the game” and one of our staff will come and assist you to take the headset off.
You will see a Hints bar within the game if you run out of ideas, if you need to contact our staff, simply call out using the mic on the headset.
Our virtual reality games is designed for kids over 8 years old. However due to the difficulty and the themes (horror), please contact our staff to ensure the theme is suitable for your kids. Adult participation will be required if your party includes participants who are the age of 13 or younger (adult participant must be the age of 18 or older and subject to admission charge). Participant under the age of 16 will need a guardian/parent’s signature on a waiver form in order to play the game.
Please call us during our operations hours to cancel or modify any existing reservation. We would appreciate if you cancel as soon as possible prior to your reservation, so that we can open up the time slot for other potential participants interested to play.
Comfortable casual or sport clothing are highly recommended. We recommend to avoid high heels, short skirts or anything that is inconvenience to move/action.
We provide lockers while you enjoy the game.
We do sell in house food and drinks. Please contact info@vr-escapism.ca or call 905-604-1287 for special event arrangement. Bringing in birthday cake are welcome without any charge.